Frequently Asked Questions

Are you eligible and authorized to work under the Australian government?

Yes. Shine painting is fully registered, licensed and insured with $10,000,000.00 in public liability and also holds workers compensation. We are fully capable of working at any size project in almost all environments. There is no small or big job for us because we have all the necessary tools and equipment to finalise any painting project.

I am not sure about the quality and workmanship, what about guarantees?

We do our best, with the best products in the industry at the best prices. Firstly, we would use Dulux painting products from authorized resellers. Secondly, our workmanship is backed with experienced professionals, this then means we can proudly provide 7 years warranty on our workmanship.

Does anyone other than your clients, acknowledge shine painting as professional painter?

Yes. Shine painting is hallmarked with the Dulux accredited program that represents quality workmanship and professionalism in the industry. The company was undertaken through a series of difficult process to ensure our high standards, from authenticating our referrals to regularly visiting out project sites.

I would like to help the environment in my painting project, how can you achieve this?

Our company support the environment as much as any Australian citizen to reduce our carbon footprint. In terms of paint, Shine Painting is able to use low VOC painting products such as Enviro Paints from Dulux that emit less gases that are harmful to the environment.

Do you have any codes of practice?

The comprehensive painting industry does have codes which all painters in Australia must comply and perform to. We do recognise all these codes such as the Australian and New Zealand standards: Guide to the painting of buildings 2311: 2009. This legislative document benchmarks standard, clarifies rules and guidelines for all professional painters. If you would like to review these codes then please ask our team to assist you.

Can you professional finish painting my property in the level 5 finish?

Shine painting is well equipped to perform a level 5 workmanship for any area demanding our expert service. These areas vastly involve finishing coats of dark colours or full gloss.

Can you supply samples or services such as colour consultancy?

We understand that a painting project should last a minimum of 5 years with the right colours. So, with our professional colour consultancy, we are able to make the right decisions. Our experts explain all you need to know about colours in the trend today and tomorrow. After the service, our team will display a range of samples on the wall for your final decision.

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